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Self Awareness Skills Training Workshop

clock icon Published Saturday, July 6, 2024

Hosted by Dr Anita Moss

Date: Saturday 6th July 2024 

Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm

Location: 13/1 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000

Cost: $590 + GST

This 1-day course is for all doctors and is accredited with the RANZCOG for 7.5 CPD hours (5.5 hrs RP and 2 hrs EA) and RACGP quick log for 7.5 CPD hours (4 hrs RP and 3.5 hrs EA).

The Self Awareness Skills Training workshops were developed for medical students and doctors to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills to better cope with stress.

The workshop content focuses on values, emotional intelligence, and using mindfulness as a tool to maximise productivity and strengthen one’s internal locus of control. Participants work through the COMPASS reflection tool to elicit their most important values and articulate “their why”. Reviewing emotional intelligence concepts invite self-reflection to gain insight into how they are currently relating to difficult emotions, and to improve current coping strategies to better deal with the vicissitudes of life.

"We are taught that mindfulness and wellbeing are important in med school, but we rarely taught techniques, or have the chance to work through them together in a small group. Doing this allowed open discussion, which was an excellent experience. I found it very helpful having the time to talk to the others in the group and hear their thoughts and interpretations as well, I think the small size of the group made a very safe environment for discussion. I also really liked the mix of presentations and learning about the science behind mental health and emotional responses and having discussions in a group".

Such feedback demonstrates the importance of becoming proficient in self awareness skills, when individuals are in good health, rather than trying to adopt new skills when they are stressed. The workshops aim to help participants learn to identify their stress responses early and actively manage stress when only mildly or moderately unwell. Hopefully this will contribute to early action on their part, preventing individuals from spiralling into burnout.

It is known that doctors perform their best when their experience of medicine is rewarding and satisfying. Self Awareness Skills Training offers participants opportunity to sharpen their emotional intelligence skills, and to work intentionally to develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose in all aspects of their lives and relationships.

Dr Anita Moss

Since completing her RACGP fellowship and DRANZCOG in 2008, Anita has achieved great diversity in her professional life due to her varied interests.

From her employment in the Women’s Health Unit at Peninsula Health, to working with the Royal Flying Doctors Victoria in regional Victoria, to being the Clinical Lead GP at the Non-Government organisation EACH’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Service, she is well challenged!

In 2017, Anita’s lived experience of mental ill health and her recovery, led to her becoming a Peer Ambassador for SANE Australia for 5 years. SANE is an organisation working to provide support to, and reduce stigma around issues of complex mental, thereby promoting wellbeing for all Australians. Following on from her peer ambassador role, Anita has recently been appointed to the board of SANE to continue her advocacy work.

The increasing incidence of doctors suffering burnout and mental ill health is a cause she feels passionate about improving. Having recovered from a severe episode of major depression herself, she was inspired to share her lived experience and her most difficult learnings with others, in the hope that people who are suffering will access support and help. This has been the inspiration for developing Self Awareness Skills Training through the RACGP Future Leaders Program.

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