Still unsure whether you want to locum or not? Listing Image

Still unsure whether you want to locum or not?

clock icon Published Wednesday, November 16, 2022 / By 1M 1Medical

Our regular doctors Dr. Chang and Dr. Toh share their locum experiences.


Dr. Chang - Emergency Medicine RMO

“My locum experience at 1Medical has been beyond positive. The three most invaluable qualities, not limited to these, 1Medical delivers can be summarised as below:

Since my first encounter with 1Medical, I have trusted that they would match me with a locum placement that aligns with my level of clinical competency and experience. They would not hesitate to warn me of any potential suboptimal working conditions.

Closed-loop communication
1Medical advocates on my behalf and I never feel left out of conversations. When locuming I’m frequently messaged to ensure I am happy, and any concerns are addressed promptly.

My consultant Beatrix prides herself with efficiency. It is only a matter of days from the time I give my available dates to signing a contract. There is never any time wasted!”

I am very grateful and feel indebted to 1Medical for my top-notch locum experience.”


Dr. Toh - General Medicine RMO

”What do you think when the word ‘locum’ is broached? Profitable income, freedom to travel, autonomy to work at your desired department. Or is it associated with fear of the unknown, logistical nightmare or simply the discomfort of launching out of your comfort zone? I started my locum experience with 1Medical, and the journey had been nothing short of an adventure.

From start to end, the agent is very flexible and in tune with the needs of their clients. They actively translate their client’s specification and meet the profile of each individual. The team always never fails to check in at the end of each shift, ensuring the wellbeing of their doctors. I started my locum journey at a private hospital, coming from a public rural hospital background, it was daunting at first. However, knowing I am supported by the team at 1Medical puts me at ease. The team have also been incredibly flexible and accommodative working around my busy work schedule as a surgical resident. I truly would have missed out on many opportunities if it was not for the team representing me and putting me forward.

Above all, I am moved by how personal the agents are. I am supported by someone who works synergistically with your dynamic and truly cares for your wellbeing is amazing. This effect is even more heartfelt with the absence of empathy often met in the public hospital setting. If you’re thinking about giving locum a go, I highly encourage you to go for it! It will be the experience of a lifetime.”

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