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Do you have a Jerry Maguire?

clock icon Published Wednesday, February 16, 2022 / By 1M 1Medical

1Medical pride ourselves on a personalised, consultative service. Don’t just take our word for it – read our reviews.

Here is the latest review from a great locum doctor about our amazing Principal Consultant, Vicky Putt (nee Armer):


“It has been a pleasure working with 1Medical.

I have known and worked with Vicky for a very long time, and she is the very reason I moved over to a new locum recruitment company. I feel the company focuses on its ethos and principles much more than larger agencies by tailoring to what each locum would like to achieve with each placement.

The company focuses on making sure that everything runs seamlessly and smoothly and has great communication between the hospital and locum.

I always receive a friendly call the week I am in a new placement to ensure that everything is going well, and it is always great hear good feedback vice versa from the hospitals via Vicky after completing a locum placement.

Thank you for being there every step of the way from finding a suitable job, completing the credentialing, checking in when at the locum and lastly, after finishing."


While some locum work can run smoothly from the outset, the reality is that many locum positions require a large amount of preparation and negotiations before they are finally set for a smooth run.

From the starting point when a doctor speaks to a 1Medical team member about locum work, the conversation is designed to explore what options are going to suit, and most importantly what may not suit.

Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and has a landmass of nearly 7.7 million square kilometres. Although there is a national medical board (AHPRA) the eight states and territories have a different governing health body running the public healthcare and hospital system. There are differences in both the clinical work in each of these and the way that a locum doctor can be engaged.

For example, in NSW Health the locum doctors are engaged and paid directly by the hospital, however, this can be either as a PAYG doctor, an ABN / Sole Trader or as a PTY LTD contractor. In QLD and Tasmania locum doctors are engaged and paid by the agencies. In Victoria, Northern Territory, ACT, South Australia, and Western Australia there is a mix of both above options operating.  It can be very confusing unless you know these systems well.

With locum work options across the entire country working with a recruiter that knows the hospitals, paperwork requirements, the payment options, and how you physically get there makes a real difference, reduces your stress levels, and allows you to focus on what you do best – being a doctor!

Agreeing to locum work and getting a contract secured is the start of the process, not the end:

We find accommodation, track down hire cars in regional locations, and walk you through the credentialing process via our paperless electronic system Flows2Forms.
On the way there we rebook missed flights, argue for you with car hire companies that have lost your car booking, give you directions over the phone if the accommodation is not on the map.
Once you get to the hospital, we check you are ok, ensure you get an induction, help with roster changes, and chase timesheets around medical administration inboxes.
We view locum recruitment like the film “Jerry Maguire”. Our doctors are the superstars of the medical world. As high net worth individuals you deserve a true consultative and personal service.   


Join 1Medical today and you can expect:

A dedicated, expert consultant
Unbiased market knowledge
Full assessment on your personal situation
Access positions in all states & territories
Highest rates negotiated
Payment methods to maximise your income
Weekly locum payment cycle
Visa / Sponsorship assistance
Paperless, electronic credentialing service
Concierge travel service
All carbon offset via our tree planting scheme

In the words of Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire:  “Who’s coming with me?”


For doctors seeking a true consultative approach to finding either locum or permanent work options please get in touch with 1Medical today.